Partnering with Akvo

Integration with Akvo FLOW

Water quality testing is very important. We all know that Fluoride, Arsenic, among other contaminants, are harming millions of people in India and around the world. We see Caddisfly growing to become an indispensable tool for communities to manage their water resources. To get there, we need to do several things – finish development of the Fluoride tests, build other tests, work on our communications, find customers, build distribution channels, handle sales, handle support, handle training.

This would have been a little overwhelming, if it were not for our partnership with Akvo. Since January 2014, Akvo has been helping us along in the development of Caddisfly. By integrating with Akvo FLOW, we have our data gathering and mapping solved. We actually tested this integration in our field testing with the Fluoride Network. Akvo works with several partners in the water and sanitation sectors that could potentially use Caddisfly.

Akvo and us share two crucial values – commitment to open source and a flat organization structure. In addition, we took 10 months to see how our teams get along.

What difference will this make to Caddisfly? Firstly we hope this partnership will speed up development and bring the product to market far sooner than we could have done by ourselves. Caddisfly will be closely integrated with Akvo FLOW, and we hope to benefit from Akvo FLOW’s continuous improvement. Caddisfly will continue to be open source.