Presentation in New Delhi

delhiThe Water and Sanitation Program held a follow up event to the Water Hackathon of 2011 at Vigyan Bhavan in New Delhi on February 21, 2012. We, along with the other standout projects of the hackathon, were invited to showcase our prototype. Venkat Mangudi, the water ambassador has a very good report of the event here.

Calling it a “prototype” is being kind, because at that stage, it was not much better than a box with a tangled mess of components and wires. However, the event was very helpful in that we could network and speak to a lot of people who are either decision makers or working in the development sector. Also very helpful was the fact that it helped us build ties with the other teams.

And, oh yes, Sodium Fluoride and the SPADNS reagent are considered “DG” (Dangerous Goods) and were confiscated (even though it was in my checked in baggage) at the Delhi International Airport. Strangely, I had no problems at the Bangalore International Airport.